I have enjoyed 30 years of working with a diverse range of clients of many ages and multiple needs. I am able to connect on a deep and compassionate level with most people to assist their transition to a more satisfying way of being. My approach is humanistic, with attention always centered on the individual”s needs.

There is no judgment… only acceptance.

With keen insight and a supportive role, we work together to minimize difficult conflicts and achieve a greater level of functioning in your life and within your family. Mindfullness-based therapies are used to achieve inner balance and general well being.  I can help you to relieve stressors which contribute to depression and other mood disorders in a non-threatening environment.

As a credentialed educator, I have many years working with youth. No child is too young or adult too old. I am known as the “Teen Coach” to my young clients.

Contact Nitza for a free consultation via phone or in person at (858) 922–1141.

I see Nitza as more of a friend than a