About Nitza

About Nitza

I have been in practice for over 25 years.  My professional experience spans the entire range of human problems and issues, including relationships, anxiety, depression, stress and pain management, divorce and parental alienation, grief and other life challenges.  Adolescents and teens also benefit with therapeutic support in the areas of self esteem, body image & eating disorders, and substance abuse.

My practice style can be described as humanistic, supportive, solution-oriented, and collaborative.

Techniques of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction are encouraged for individuals of all ages.

Telephone consultations for long-distance clientele in the areas of stress management, relationship skills, assertive communication, and mind-body wellness are available.I have spent my adult life traveling on six continents, learning from people all over the world about the strength and tenderness of the human spirit.

Some of my greatest teachers include:

  • I have taught children in India, Israel, Alaska, and California and I am a licensed K – 12 multiple subjects educator
  • I have counseled chronic pain patients and their families for seven years at Scripps Memorial Hospital, where I served as the “Senior Family Therapist” in the Pain Center
  • I have been part of the AA 12-step program and continue to support people of all ages and stages of recovery from alcohol and substance abuse
  • I have worked with people who suffer from eating disorders in a residential facility and in out-patient settings
  • I have worked with business executives, teaching stress management techniques in large corporations.
  • I offer coaching to individuals seeking to enhance their personal relationships to restore a sense of meaning and creativity in their lives and the lives of others.
  • I have taught handicap, blind, autistic and severely disabled children using elements of Art Therapy and Play Therapy.
  • I have served as a professor of graduate studies in the fields of interpersonal communications, human sexuality and abnormal psychologies.
  • I practice Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Meditation and Yoga to create a sense of balance, harmony and joy in my own life.   I am always willing to share these techniques with interested clients.

I am open to helping any age, ethnicity, gender and religious orientation.

Languages I speak include English and Hebrew.

License No. and State: MFC23659, California