What a few of Nitza”s clients have to say:

“Such growth and healing! …our work opened closed eyes and rescued my relationship.” –  P.W., 38 year old man

“I’d still be flunking out of 7th grade, smoking cigarettes and getting into a lot of trouble.” –  A.R., 13 year old male

“I would not be getting married next month … my days of self-sabotage are over.” –  R.D., 34 year old woman

“Nitza has been my greatest gift to myself.  My life is better than I ever could have imagined. I am so grateful I found such a loving, compassionate and wise therapist.  I began seeing her when I was in an unhealthy relationship, but I continue to see her to grow.  I knew I wanted something better but I didn’t have any role models of a healthy relationship. In time I figured out what I truly wanted and I continue to enjoy giving and receiving in a mutually honest, trustworthy and loving relationship.  With her help I have changed from a fearful, self-sabotaging girl to a woman with integrity and deserving of a happy and fulfilling life.” – D.R., 38 year old female

“I’m feeling stronger than ever.  It’s amazing how much I have changed over the last couple years — much of my growth and healing is thanks to you.   Thank you again for your solid care and wisdom, and for the many gifts that you shared with me.  I cannot express how grateful I am.” – M.R., 41 year old man

“Nitza helped me to break my habitual pattern of negative emotional responses about how I was perceiving most situations and people in my life. With her gentle guidance and support, I am now able to enjoy my days, free of guilt, suffering and remorse.” – R.C., 55 year old male 

“Two years ago, my daughter, C., was recovering from her second suicide attempt.  I wasn’t sure she would survive the week, let alone make it past high school.  Now, my daughter has grown more in one year with Nitza’s careful guidance and compassion than she did in all the previous years put together with other mental health professionals.  C. starts culinary arts school this week and is ready to take on the world!” – J.M., 40 year old mom